PPE Washing

  • Extractor


    • Can wash 1 set of turnout gear per load. Full wash cycle: 25-35 minutes
    • Runs on 120 volts (watts per load: 110-160 watt hours)
    • Stainless steel inner and outer tubs (capacity: 2 cu. Ft) and has a patented tub design
    • Easy soft-mount installation
    • No transmission or agitator to replace and no lower water seals
    • With fewer overall moving parts; Promotes longer life expectancy
    • Complete with manual /manufacturer’s warranty & Follows NFPA-1851 guidelines
  • Extractor 22

    Extractor 22

    • Follows NFPA 1851 guidelines for proper PPE maintenance
    • Standard power hookup (120v)
    • Utilizes standard plumbing hookups
    • Soft mount design, easy install
    • 22lb. drum holds two sets of gear per load
    • Connections available for an optional automatic soap injector
    • Front load design