Red Rack Wall Mounted – 20″ Compartments

  • Red Rack 20" Compartments
  • Red Racks can be ordered in virtually any wallrun length thanks to our exclusive modular design.
  • Adjustable boot and helmet shelves
  • Adjustable apparel hooks
  • Label holder
  • Hanging Pole to run the length of the unit.
SKU: RRWM - 20" Categories: , , Dimensions: Length determined by number of units x 20" Deep x 72" Tall
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Product Description

Structurally superior design does not require rear grid. Red Rack is designed to stand up to the rugged demands of the Fire Service. Tubular steel design is the strongest configuration on the market and does not require a rear grid. SAFER! Open back design allows easy access to your station’s building code approved electrical outlets. Easier to assemble!


RRWM-1/20 21.75″
RRWM-2/20 42.50″
RRWM-3/20 63.25″
RRWM-4/20 84.00″
RRWM-5/20 104.75″
RRWM-6/20 125.50″
RRWM-7/20 146.25″
RRWM-8/20 167.00″
RRWM-9/20 187.75″
RRWM-10/20 208.50″
RRWM-11/20 229.25″
RRWM-12/20 250.00″
RRWM-13/20 270.75″
RRWM-14/20 291.50″
RRWM-15/20 312.25″

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